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Comprehensive Vacuum Excavation Solutions

Also known as NDD (Non Destructive Digging) or Hydro Excavation, Vacuum Excavation works by jetting high pressure water into the ground to soften the dirt, whilst simultaneously removing the softened dirt with a high powered vacuum nozzle straight into a holding tank on board the truck.

This process enables us to provide fast and accurate excavation services, saving hours of digging holes and trenches that are often much wider than is necessary. It is one of the safest methods of excavation available today as it allows for the exposure of virtually any structure or infrastructure without affecting its integrity.

Trenching Services in Brisbane and Beyond

No matter what kind of trenching you need – straight, curved, long or short – the vacuum hose can cut and shape the trench to your exact requirements. A trench can be cut as narrow as 5cm, eliminating the need to dig the minimum width of a spade to lay a thin cable conduit. As an added bonus, there is no risk to underground pipes or cables with steel spades digging into unknown territory. The system allows the operator to work down and forward while moving over and under existing services such as electrical, gas, telecommunications, waste and water, meaning minimal mess and far less time than labour and spade.

Powerful Drain Cleaning Solutions

Our units powerful hydro jet equipment can clean out a drain effectively and economically, regardless of its size. Debris in the drain is broken down under pressure and then vacuumed into the holding tank unit on the truck before being disposed of safely. This ecologically friendly process avoids the possibility of debris running further down the stormwater culvert and/or being washed out to sea. We can quickly and economically remove the build-up of silt, scale, grease and incrustations which block up the flow in drain, storm water and sewer lines.

Accurate Underground Service Locating from Gold Coast to Sunshine Coast

Also known as potholing, this is a vital service for locating underground services and utilities. Underground service locating operators are able to detect and pinpoint the exact location of pipes, conduits, cables and pits, enabling easy access for maintenance or repair of these services. The non-destructive method means that there is no risk of damage to the services as there would be with mechanical diggers. Underground serviced locating is a faster, cleaner and much safer process using our vacuum excavation services.


High Precision Limited Access Excavating

We are able to provide excavation services to areas that have extremely limited access – even a narrow walkway down the side of a house is no problem for us. This is ideal for projects that may be on a steep bank where a digger cannot safely operate or even reach. The suction strength of our vacuum can horizontally draw up to 60 metres, which means that as long as we are able to get our hose to the area that needs to be excavated, we can complete the job with no mess, no damage and no danger.

Full Post Hole Digging Services

Post hole digging is an ideal illustration of the benefits of removing all waste to a holding tank using vacuum excavation. When post holes need to have contents removed from site before being filled with hard fill or concrete, vacuum excavation makes the process fast and easy. An added advantage of using vacuum excavation to dig post holes is that this method can work around, under and over tree roots, thereby avoiding potential damage to nearby trees. Vacuum excavation post hole digging services are ideal for:

• Roadside business signposts

• Small pylon business signs

• Bollard holes

• Garden light poles in areas for pedestrian safety

• Street lights and road signs where there is likely to be multiple services underground

Spotless Pit and Tank Cleaning

Electrical, communication or stormwater pits can be practically cleaned using environmentally friendly vacuum suction. Our powerful equipment can remove water, sludge and debris from pits and tanks, with the added advantage of being able to access places with low overhead clearance such as underground car parks. This enables us to provide effective, safe pit and tank cleaning services to areas where conventional cleaning would be almost impossible or would take many man hours to complete.Our vacuum cleaning service is ideal for areas such as:

• Electrical and communication pits

• Conduits

• Storm water culverts

• Sumps and gullys

• Soak wells, service and utility pits

• Inspection pits and pipework

• New sewer pits and pipework

Safe and Efficient Non Destructive Digging (NDD)

Established in 2007, We Dig It is proud to provide safe, efficient and non-invasive excavation and underground utility location services. Our fully equipped truck with water and waste reservoir uses high pressure water to break down soil, while a vacuum pump removes the dirt into a holding tank. This enables us to provide a mess free excavation service which minimises the risk of damage to underground services. 

Our experienced operators are trained to provide the whole range of vacuum excavation services including limited access excavation, narrow trenching, services locating, pot holing, post holes and more. Using our specialised non-destructive earthworks and trenching services will contribute greatly to decreasing overall costs and turnaround time of your project, no matter what the size or location.


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